Best Banquet Halls in Las Vegas

Looking for the best banquet halls in Las Vegas? La Onda Banquet Hall Las Vegas is right for you! We provide 3 locations around Las Vegas. We have banquet halls to accommodate any event and any size for guest capacity. All our banquet halls are unique and the best of our kind. We have state of the art lighting and sound. We have incredible reception and venues.

Best Banquet Halls in Las Vegas

La Onda Banquet Hall

La Onda Banquet Hall offers the best banquet halls in Las Vegas. The nearest cross streets is Flamingo and Eastern. This is our biggest location. We have just remodeled the reception area. As soon as you walk in you will be amazed to how beautiful this place is.

Divas La Nueva Onda

Our Divas La Nueva Onda Las Vegas banquet hall is our second installment to our family. It is the second largest banquet hall and is on the East side of Las Vegas. It has a very large reception and dance floor. We count with private fitting rooms, VIP Lounge, elegant stage and unique themes.

Divas La Onda #2

One of our best banquet halls in Las Vegas is Divas La Onda #2. This is our third and smallest location. It is still big enough to fit in over 100 guests. It is very private and intimate if you want to host a smaller wedding or event. This banquet hall is also on the East side of Las Vegas.

Don’t hesitate to call La Onda Banquet Halls Las Vegas for any questions, pricing and packages. We provide cheap banquet halls in Las Vegas! You will have your event you’ve always hoped for. Don’t forget to visit our Facebook fan page to see our most recent pictures and to follow us.

There is no doubt that La Onda Banquet Halls is one of the best banquet halls in Las Vegas. Enjoy your event with your loved ones and guests with La Onda Banquet Halls.